What if building an Internet of Things service is as easy as writing a blog?

The purpose of this blog is to show how Thingsee sensors and WordPress plugin can be used to create really fast IoT service prototypes without a single line of programming.

The quick guide for setting up your own service is

  • Install your WordPress blog
  • Get Thingsee StarterKit
  • Install Thingsee WordPress plugin
  • Write posts & pages that shows the data from Thingsee sensors

This WordPress blog is my development playground and private cloud for my Internet of Things experiments. I have started development of Thingsee for WordPress plugin which will connect few of my things (mainly Thingsee sensors) to this WordPress installation, its databases and posts and pages. This blog may or may not be up all the time; I will break it, crash it or otherwise it just doesn’t work due to ongoing development. Don’t worry. I will try to keep it online as much as possible.

Why Internet-of-Things?

I do that for a living at Haltian, and I have a huge pile of different IoT gadgets and things that I can play with. We are specialised in custom hardware and embedded software development and creating all sorts of cool things for our customers. We have our Internet-of-Things development platform Thingsee, so this blog is an attempt to eat our own dog-food to understand better how our platform fits to open source communities.

Why WordPress?

Well, most of all because it is way different than what I am doing in my day job (Amazon AWS, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, and other big guns). Second, it is open source, free for everyone, and it can be self-hosted very easily. Third, I have full control of everything, and I am sure that data is mine and always will be. Last, but not least, this may create something useful for the WordPress and Internet-of-Things communities.

What is the goal with all of this?

The ambitious goal is to extend WordPress famous 5 min installation also to Internet-of-Things devices where any user can download the plugin and attach their preferred devices to their blog instances as effortlessly as any other WordPress plugin can be already used today.



Here are some of the demos that have been used, or are still in use, for testing and having-fun-purposes only. Some of the demos are under service maintenance due to breaking change in the system, and because of laziness of the site moderator not to fix them.

Presence and movement detection

Environment monitoring

Distance and fill-rate measurements

Machine Usage monitoring

Other things

  • CurrentCost CC128 energy meter, energy consumption monitoring (under service maintenance)
  • HUAWEI LTE modem cellular signal monitoring and diagnostics (under service maintenance)